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How fast do you need your Computer-Laptop to be? is your Laptop-Computer Speed too Slow? Luztech Computer we are Specialist in Computer-Laptop repair and Consultants located in Nairobi CBD.
For Slow Computer-Laptop we fast diagnose the course of the Laptop Computer to be slow drags or hang and give a solution.

Slow computer-Laptop problems is normally cause by several things in the Laptop-Computer like: Faulty HDD-SSD, Windows Software crashing, Faulty RAM Memory, Loaded Computer-Laptop with DATA, Low Capacity of the RAM, Over heating of the Laptop Computer can also cause a Computer laptop to Slow.

We are able to give a permanent solutions to our Customer once we troubleshoot the cause .ie for Faulty harddisk(HDD-SSD), We do have tools and Software that help us Check the health Status and performance of the Harddisk(HDD-SSD)Once we find out the Harddisk(HDD-SSD) drive is faulty we are able to do the customer DATA Backup and replace the Harddisk(HDD-SSD) then restore Computer-Laptop.

For a Computer-Laptop that is Slow Drags or hangs because of Faulty Crushed windows software, we troubleshoot the cause if windows crash by testing the HDD-SSD or the RAM and if we find them ok we recommend fresh windows and Software installation. our team is the best in handling customer DATA so we BACKUP do installation and after that we restore the DATA back as it was before

For Laptop-computer that are slow because of the Faulty Computer Memory RAM we recommend upgrading and replacing of the RAM Stick Modules that restore the high Speed to the Computer-Laptop thus the client problem is Solved
We also advice on upgrading the HDD-SSD capacity or removing-Deleting unused files DATA in the Computer to solve an overload to a computer-Laptop that is Slow. Regular computer-laptop CPU Cooling fan and the entire gadget servicing is advisable to enhance the high Speed and good performance in Computer- laptop.

we are Computer-Laptop Expert Specialist in repair and maintenance who can pick your Computer-Laptop repair and return back after within the Shortest time, We give a Job card to our client that indicates the price location of our workshop and the Contact person, Our Collection team is profession in clientele
you Can also visit us at Rahimtulla Trust Building 2nd Floor Shop No 27B, Opposite BIHI towers near the Bazaar Along Moi Avenue

Call/SMS/WhatsApp 0702981367

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