Acer replacement laptop Spare parts and repair

Acer new replacement laptop LCD LED Display Screens in Nairobi

Looking for Acer replacement laptop LCD LED display screens in Nairobi?.  FHD, HD, 2K, 4K resolutions, Look no further! We offer a wide selection of genuine Acer replacement screens at competitive prices. Whether you need a screen for Aspire, Swift, or any other Acer model, we’ve got you covered. Visit us today for quality screens and expert service in Nairobi.

Acer high quality Durable replacement Laptop Batteries in Nairobi

Looking for Acer replacement laptop batteries in Nairobi? We provide genuine Acer batteries for various models at competitive prices. Whether it’s for Aspire, Swift, or any other Acer laptop, we offer quality batteries to keep your device powered. Visit us for reliable Acer laptop battery replacements in Nairobi.

Acer replacement English Backlight and Non-backlight Keyboard

In need of Acer replacement keyboards in Nairobi? We offer both English backlight and non-backlight options for various Acer models. Visit us for quality replacements at competitive prices.

Acer New Compatible Laptop Case Casing Housing Body Shell

Looking for a new compatible laptop case, casing, housing, or body shell for your Acer laptop? We provide high-quality replacement parts designed to fit your Acer model perfectly. With our selection of durable casings, your laptop will look and function like new again. Find your perfect fit in Nairobi today!

Acer replacement and Original Ac Adapter Charger + UK plug Cord

Need a replacement or original Acer AC adapter charger with a UK plug cord? We’ve got you covered! Our range includes genuine Acer chargers and compatible replacements, ensuring reliable power for your Acer laptop. Visit us to find the right charger for your needs in Nairobi.

Acer Laptop Broken Hinges repair and replacement 

For Acer laptops, we specialize in repairing broken hinges and installing new ones. A laptop with broken hinges risks damaging the screen and casing. Our repair costs, ranging from Ksh 1500 to 6500, vary depending on the laptop model and part availability. Rest assured, our skilled technicians will restore your laptop’s integrity, ensuring both functionality and durability. Don’t let broken hinges compromise your device’s performance; entrust us with the repair, and we’ll have your Acer laptop working seamlessly again.

Acer Mouse button and mouse touchpad board

Liquid spills and high humidity can damage the mouse button board and touchpad of Acer laptops, leading to erratic behavior. Such incidents compromise the functionality and responsiveness of the mouse, affecting user experience. Our repair service addresses these issues, restoring proper function to the mouse button board and touchpad. Trust us to resolve the effects of liquid spills and humidity damage, ensuring your Acer laptop operates smoothly and efficiently once again.

Acer laptop Experts repair and Spare parts replacement in Nairobi

In Nairobi, we offer Acer laptop repair services and spare parts replacement. Whether it’s fixing hardware issues or replacing damaged components, our skilled technicians provide reliable solutions to keep your Acer laptop running smoothly. Trust us for efficient repairs and quality spare parts in Nairobi.

Acer CPU GPU Cooler Cooling fans and Heatsink replacement and repair

We specialize in Acer CPU cooling fan replacement and repair services. If your Acer laptop is experiencing overheating issues or fan malfunctions, our skilled technicians can diagnose and resolve the problem efficiently. Trust us to keep your Acer laptop running smoothly with our expert CPU cooling fan solutions.

Acer power switching board-power on button

The Acer power switching board, including the power-on button, facilitates the smooth operation of turning your Acer laptop on and off. Trust us for reliable repair and replacement services to ensure seamless functionality.

Acer DC-AC power Jack port Charging Connector in Nairobi

Find Acer DC-AC power jack port charging connector services in Nairobi with us. We offer expert repair and replacement solutions for your Acer laptop’s charging needs. Trust our skilled technicians to ensure your laptop stays powered up and ready to use.

Acer Laptop RAM(Memory)

Upgrade your Acer laptop’s speed with our RAM (memory) upgrade services. We replace faulty or dead RAM to enhance performance and efficiency. Trust our skilled technicians to ensure seamless installation and compatibility, so your Acer laptop operates at its best with upgraded RAM.

Acer Laptop SSD-128GB SSD-256GB SSD-512GB SSD-1TB SSD in Nairobi

Upgrade your Acer laptop’s speed with SSD options ranging from 128GB to 1TB available Laptop repair Shop in Nairobi. Experience performance improvements up to 10 times faster than traditional HDDs. We also offer SSD replacement services for faulty drives, ensuring your laptop operates efficiently with enhanced storage solutions.


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