L11421-1C7 L11421-271 HT03XL 41.9Wh / 3630mAh Replacemnt Laptop battery for HP 14-CK Series: 14-ck0025tu 14-ck0030tu 14-ck0051la batter


  • Voltage: 11.55V.
  • Capacity: 41.9Wh / 3630mAh
  • No of cells: 3-Cell.
  • Battery Type: Li-ion.
  • Condition: Brand new
  • Compatible Part Number: HT03XL L11119-855 HSTNN-UB7J HSTNN-LB8M HSTNN-LB8L HT03041XL HSTNN-DB8R HSTNN-DB8S HSTNN-IB80 HSTNN-IB8O HSTNN-DB9D HSTNN-1B80 L11421-1C1 L11421-1C2 L11421-2C1 L11421-2C2 L11421-2C3 L11421-2D1 L11421-2D2 L11421-421 L11421-422 L11421-423 L11421-542 L11421-544 L11421-545 L11421-1C7 L11421-271 TPN-C136 TPN-I130 TPN-I131 TPN-I132 TPN-I133 TPN-I134 TPN-Q207 TPN-Q208 TPN-Q209 TPN-Q210.
  • Compatible Models: Hp Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 14-CK 14-CM 14-DF 14-DH 14-DQ 14M-DH 14-MA 14Q-CS 14Q-CY 14S-CF 14S-CR Series: 14-ce0xxx 14-ce0068st 14-ce0025tu 14-ce3064st 14-ce3065st 14-ce2068st 14-cf0xxx 14-cf0012dx 14-cf0013dx 14-cf0014dx 14-cf1015cl 14-cf0006dx 14-cm0xxx 14-cm0012nr 14-df0xxx 14-df0023cl 14-df0018wm, Pavilion x360 convertible 14-dh0xxx 14m-dh0xxx 14m-dh0001dx 14m-dh1003dx 14-dq0xxx 14-dq0002dx dq0003dx dq0004dx dq1038wm 14-dq1043cl.
  • Compatible Model : Hp Pavilion 15-CS 15-CW 15-CR 15-DA 15-DB 15-DY 15T-DA 15T-DB 15T-DQ 15G-DR:15-cs0xxx 15-cs0037t 15-cs0073cl 15-cs3153cl 15-cw0xxx 15-cw0002la 15-cw1063wm 15-cw1095nr 15-da0xxx 15-da0086od 15-da0053wm 15-da0002dx 15-da0032wm 15-da0033wm 15-da0073wm 15-da1005dx 15-da0012dx 15-da0014dx 15-db0xxx 15-db0004dx 15-db0015dx 15-db0031nr 15-db0066wm 15-db0005dx 15-db0011dx 15-dy0xxx dy1xxx 15-dy0013dx dy0015ds 15-cr0xxx 15-cr0087cl 15-cr0052od 15-cr0037wm 15-cr0091ms 15t-dq100 dq200.
  • Compatible Models: Hp Pavilion 17-BY 17-CA series: 17-by1033dx 17-by0053cl 17-by0021dx 17-by1053dx 17-by1022cl. for HP 240 G7, 245 G7, 250 G7, 255 G7, 470 G7, 340 G5, 348 G5 Series.

KSh 5,500.00



New Laptop Battery Compatible with HP Pavilion 14-CK Series: 14-ck0025tu 14-ck0030tu 14-ck0051la 14-ck0052cl 14-ck0065st 14-ck0066st 14-ck0203ng 14-ck0205ng 14-ck0056tu 14-ck0052tu. Battery


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