HP Envy Laptop Battery

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  • 796220-831, 796356-005 HP Pavilion X360 Convertible 13-S Series HP Envy X360 M6-W000 laptop Battery LE03XL

    KSh 4,500.00
    • Battery Type: Lithium polymer 
    • Voltage: 11.4V 
    • Voltage: 10.95v.
    • Capacity: 48Wh
    • Number of Cells: 3 cells
    • Compatible Model: LE03, LE03XL, HSTNN-YB5Q, HSTNN-PB6M, 796220-831, 796356-005.
    • Replacement Battery for HP Envy X360 M6-W101dx M6-W102dx M6-W103dx M6-W010dx, HP Pavilion x360 x360 15-bk000: 15-bk000ng 15-bk000no 15-bk000ns 15-bk000nt 15-bk000nu 15-bk000nv 15-bk000nx 15-bk001ng 15-bk001nk 15-bk001ns 15-bk001nt 15-bk001nx 15-bk001ur 15-bk002ng 15-bk002nia 15-bk003ur 15-bk004na 15-bk004nc 15-bk004no 15-bk004ur 15-bk005ne 15-bk006na 15-bk007na 15-bk020wm 15-bk056na 15-bk056sa 15-bk057na 15-bk057sa 15-bk060na 15-bk060sa 15-bk062na 15-bk062sa 15-bk102ng 15t-bk000 laptop.
    • For HP Pavilion x360 13-s000 13-s100 13-s000nc 13-s000nj 13-s000nk 13-s000nm 13-s000ns 13-s000nt 13-s000nv 13-s000ur 13-s001la 13-s001nf 13-s001nj 13-s001ns 13-s001nv 13-s001nx 13-s001ur 13-s002na 13-s002nf 13-s002ns 13-s002nx 13-s003na 13-s003nf 13-s003ns 13-s004ni 13-s005nc 13-s006na 13-s006nia 13-s007nc 13-s008na 13-s008nc 13-s008ne 13-s010nd 13-s010ne 13-s011nia 13-s012ne 13-s013ne 13-s014ne 13-S020CA 13-S020nr 13-S021CA 13-s025nd 13-s030ng 13-s030no 13-s030nw 13-s031no 13-s035no.
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  • LK03XL L09281-855 HP Envy X360 Convertible 15-BQ Series Replacement Laptop Battery in Nairobi CBD Capacity: 4835mAh/55.8Wh/3Cell

    KSh 5,500.00


    • Battery Type: Li-ion;
    • Voltage: 11.55V;
    • Capacity: 4835mAh/55.8Wh/
    • 3Cell.
    • Replace Part Number: 916368-421, 916368-541, 916814-855, HSTNN-LB7U, HSTNN-LB8J, HSTNN-UB71, HSTNN-UB7I, L08855-856, L08934-1B1, L09049-1B1, L09280-855, L09281-855, L09911-141, L09911-421, LK03048XL, LK03055XL, LK03XL, LKO3XL, TPN-I129, TPN-W127, TPN-W128
    • Compatible Laptop Models: HP Envy X360 Convertible 15-BP 15M-BP Series, HP Envy X360 Convertible 15-BQ 15M-BQ Series, HP Envy X360 Convertible 15-CP 15M-CP Series, HP Envy X360 15-cn 15m-cn 15t-cn Series, HP Envy 17-AE 17M-AE Series ,HP Envy X360 15m-cp 15z-cp Series, HP Pavilion X360 15-cr Series.15m-bp011dx 15m-bp012dx 15m-bp111dx 15m-bq1xx 15-bp143cl 15-bp152wm 15-bp194cl 15-bp165cl 15-bp112dx 15M-BQ021DX 15-bq213cl 15-CN0057NB 15m-cp0012dx 15m-cp0011dx 15m-cp0xxx 15-cr0xxx 15-BQ194NZ
    • Compatible Laptop Models: HP Envy Convertible 17-AE 17M-AE Series, HP Envy X360 Convertible 17-ce 17m-ce 17t-ce Series, HP Envy 17-BW 17M-BW Series, 17-ae165nr 17-ae120nr 17M-AE0XX 17M-AE011DX 17m-ae111dx 17-ae143ng 17-BW0011NR 17M-BW0013DX 17m-ce0013dx 17m-ce1013dx 17-CE0008CA 17-CE0015NR 17t-ce000 17T-AE100 17t-bw000 17-ce0xxx 17m-ce0xxx 17t-ce0xx 17-ce0002ca 17-ce0003ca 17-ce0008ca 17-ce0015nr 17m-ce0013dx 17m-ce1013dx 17t-ce000 17t-ce100.
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  • NP03XL HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX HSTNN-LB6L 760944-421 Laptop battery in Nairobi

    KSh 4,000.00
    • Condition: Brand New
    • High battery Type :Li-Polymer
    • Color :Black
    • Voltage :10.95
    • No of Cells :3 cells
    • Capacity :48Wh
    • Compatible with: HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX 13-B116T 13-A012DX 13-A110DX 13-A068CA 13-A072NR 13-A081NR 13-A091NR 13-A113CL13-A233CA 13-A001AU 13-A120LA 13-A201TU 13-B101TU 13-B201TU 13Z-A000 13-A317CL HP Envy X360 15-U010DX 15-U011DX 15-U110DX 15-U111DX 15-U337CL,HP Pavilion X360 13-A010DX 13-A110DX 13-B116TU 13-A012DX 13-B116T
    • Compatible HP Battery Part Number: HP NP03XL HSTNN-LB6L 760944-421 761230-005 TPN-Q146 TPN-Q147 TPN-Q148 TPN-Q149
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