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  • HP 15-bs charging power port

    • New AC DC Jack Power Charging Port Connector Socket Cable Harness Replacement for HP 15-BS015CY in Nairobi
    • Compatible with: 15-BS016CY 15-BS016DX 15-BS017CA 15-BS017CY 15-BS018CY 15-BS019CA 15-BS019CY 15-BS020CY 15-BS020NR,15-bs065nr 15-bs066nr 15-bs070wm 15-bs194od 15-bs197cl 15-bs212wm 15-bs234wm 15-bs244wm 15-bs282wm 15-bs289wm,  HP-BW, HP Power 15-B, 15-BP, 15-BR , 15-BQ , 15-CB , 15-CC , 15-CD , 15-CK , 17-AK , 17-AR , 17-BS, 250 G6 , 255 G6 , 256 G6 Series
    • HP Pavilion 15-BS 15-BW 250 G6 Dc In Jack Power Charging Port Cable
    • P/N:799749-S17,799749-Y17
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  • HP 15-Bs/ 250 G6 laptop Hinges_ Pair right & left Hinges

    • Buy and replace your broken HP 15 hinges in Nairobi
    • New Original Laptop Hinges For HP 250 G6, 255 g6
    • Compatible with: HP Notebook 15-BS 15-BW TPN-C129 15G-BR Hinges
    • Price is Exclusive of fixing,
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  • HP Laptop Blue pin 65W Ac Adapter Charger-19V-3.33A + Power Cord

    • AC Adapter Laptop Charger Fit for HP 15-bs0xx in Nairobi
    • Input Voltage: AC100-240V
    • Output Voltage:19.5V 3.33A
    • Color: Black
    • Connector Size:4.5*3.0mm
    • AC Pin: 3PIN
    • Part number: 693715-001, 709985-002, 710412-001, 714149-001, 714149-002, 714149-003, 714158-001, 714657-001, AD9043-022G2, HSTNN-CA15, HSTNN-DA15, HSTNN-LA15, PA-1650-34HE, PPP009C, PPP009D 719309-001 719309-003 721092-001 740015-001 740015-002 740015-003 741727-001 741427-001 A045R07DH HSTNN-DA35 HSTNN-LA35 HSTNN-CA40 HSTNN-DA40 HSTNN-LA40 ADP-45WD B ADP-45FE B PA-1450-36HE PA-1650-32HE
    • Compatible with: HP 215, 240 G2, 242 G1, 245 G2, 250 G2, 255 G2 Notebook PCs Series HP Pavilion 14t 14z 15t 15z 17z 17t Touch HP Pavilion 10 TouchSmart PC TPN-Q135 10-e000es 10-e000ss 10-e000sf 10-e001sf 10-e002el 10-e002sl 10-e003au 10-e013au 10-e004au 10-e011au 10-e010nr 10-e019nr 10-e020au 10-e021au 10-e020ca ,10z-e000 cto 10-e022au 10-e029sf 10-e030ef,15-bs015dx, 15-bs013dx, 15-bs2xx.
    • HP Pavilion 10z Touch Laptop HP Pavilion 11-h000 x2 PC 11-h010ca x2 11-h000ea x2, 11-h000sa x2 11-h000el,11-h001el x2 11-h000sg x2, 11-h050ef x2 11-h002sa11-h003ea x2 11-h003sa x2 11-h017tu x2 PC 11-h060ef x2 PC 11-h100 x2 PC 11-h100sa x2 PC 11-h100sa x2 PC 11-h003tu x2, 11-h004tu x2 11-h006tu x2 11-h007tu x2 11-h008tu x2,11-h014tu x2 11-h010nr 11-h013dx x2 11-h102tu 11-h103tu x2 HP Pavilion 11 x360 PC Series 11-e010nr 11-e011nr 11-n010dx 11-n011dx X360 11-n011ea 11-n008tu x360 11-n030ca 11-n038ca X360 11-e015dx 11-e015nr 11-e040ca 11-e102au 11-e103au 11-e109au, 11-e110au 11-e110nr 11-e115nr 11-e140ca 11-n000ea 11-n000na x360 11-n000sa 11-n001ea x360 11-n000sl 11-n001sl x360 11-n001na 11-n001sa x360 11-n005na 11-n010ea x360 11-n009tu 11-n010tu x360 HP Pavilion 11 x360 PC Series 11t-n000 11-h110ca x2, 11-h110nr x2 11-h112nr x2, 11t-h100 CTO x2 HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11 11-e009au 11-e012au 11z-e000 CTO HP Pavilion 13-p111nr x2,13-p113cl x2 13-p117cl x2,13-p120ca x2 13-p120nr x2, 13z-p100 CTO x2 13-r00 x2 13-r001xx 13-r010dx x2 13-r030ca 13-r050ca x2 13-r030ca 13-r050ca x2 HP Pavilion 13z-a000 x360 CTO HP Pavilion 13-a000 x360 Series 13-a010dx a010nr a019wm X360 13-a040ca 13-a050ca x360 13-b020nd 13-b101tu 13-b080na 13-b080sa 13-b102tu 13-b103tu 13-b108tu 13-b109tu 13-b110tu 13-b110ns 13-b107tu 13-p100 x2 PC 13-p100el x2 PC 13-p100es X2, 13-p100ss x2 13-p101la X2,13-p110nr x2 13-p106sa x2 PC 13-p111nr x2,13-p113cl x2
    • HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-b150us HP Pavilion 14-e000 Notebook PC series 14-e003tu 14-e004tu 14-e004tx 14-e005tu 14-e005tx 14-e006tx 14-e007tx 14-e008tu 14-e008tx 14-e009tu 14-e009tx 14-e010la 14-e010tu 14-e011tx 14-e012la 14-e014la 14-e015tx 14-e016la 14-e016tx 14-e017tx 14-e018tx 14-e019tx 14-e020tx 14-e021tx 14-e022tx 14-e023tx 14-e024tx
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  • Sale!

    HP Notebook 15-bs Casing-Housing-Case-Body replacement

    KSh3,000.00 KSh3,500.00
    • New Original Laptop Case For HP 250 G6 in Nairobi
    • Compatible with: HP Notebook 15-BS Casing, HP Notebook 15-BW Casing-Housing-Body,  TPN-C129 15G-BR LCD Back Cover/Front Bezel- Part A-B
    • Price is Exclusive of fixing and Hinges
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  • JC03-JC04 Replacement High Quality Laptop Battery for HP 15-BS series- HP 250 G6 Laptop Battery


    • Battery Type: Li-ion
    • Voltage: 10.95V,
    • Capacity: 31WH / 2600MAH
    • Cells: 3-cell
    • Color: Black
    • High Quality Battery for: HP 246 G6, HP 255 G6, HP 250 G6 in Nairobi
    • Compatible Part Number: 919700-850, 919701-850, 919682-421, 919681-221, 919682-121, 919682-831, HSTNN-DB8E, HSTNN-H7BX, HSTNN-LB7V, HSTNN-LB7W, HSTNN-L67N, HSTNN-PB6Y, 2LP34AA ,JC03, JC04 ,TPN-C129, TPN-C130,TPN-Q186, TPN-Q187, TPN-W129,TPN-W130.
    • Compatible Model: For HP Notebook 15-BS 17-BS 15Q-BU 15G-BR 17-AK 15-BW 15Q-BY Series For HP 15-bs000 Series: 15-bs168cl 15-bs010ds 15-bs013dx 15-bs060wm 15-bs192od 15-bs033cl 15-bs095ms 15-bs015dx 15-bs020wm 15-bs016dx 15-bs038dx 15- bs078cl 15-bs060wm 15-bs013nr 15-bs077nr 15-bs053od 15-bs091ms 15-bs080wm 15-bs053od 15-bs131nr 15-bs023cy 15-bs016dx 15-bs038cl 15-bs058ca 15-bs065nr 15-bs091ms 15-bs091ms 15-bs132nr 15-bs008cy 15-bs011cy 15-bs132nr For HP 15-bw000 Series: 15-bw010nr 15-bw032wm 15-bw033wm 15-bw011dx 15-bw070nr 15-bw028ca 15-bw036nr 15-bw053od 15-bw008cl 15-bw035nr 15-bw040nr 15- bw030nr 15-bw017cl 15-bw012nr 15-bw010ca 15-bw027au 15-bw073nr 15-bw072nr 15-bw53od 15-bw032nr For HP Pavilion 17z Series For HP 17-bs000 Series For HP 17z Series 14-bw014nf 17-bs039nf 17-ak004ng 17-ak007na 17-ak015ng



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  • New HP Notebook 15-bs series Laptop Casing-Housing-Body

    • New Original Laptop Case For HP 250 G6 in Nairobi
    • Compatible with: HP Notebook 15-BS 15-BW TPN-C129 15G-BR Palmrest/Bottom Case Black- Part C-D
    • Price is Exclusive of fixing, Hinges and Keyboard
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  • New replacement LCD Display Screen for HP 15-BS, 250 G6 Screen

    • HP Notebook 15-bs series Non touch Screen in Nairobi
    • Screen Size; 15.6 inch
    • Screen Connector : 30 Pins
    • Maximum Resolution : 1366*768 
    • Free fixing and testing
    • Delivery Country wide
    • Compatible with :HP 15BS, HP 15-BS, HP 15-BW, HP 15-BR, HP 250 G6, HP 255 G6  series
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  • Replacement Keyboard for HP Notebook 15_ 15-BS_250 G6

    • New hp 15-bs series laptop keyboard in Nairobi
    • US Layout English Laptop Keyboard
    • Price Exclusive of Fixing
    • Compatible with: HP 15-Bs Laptop keyboard, HP-Bw Laptop keyboard, HP Power 15-B Laptop keyboard, 15-BP Laptop keyboard, 15-BR Laptop keyboard, 15-BQ Laptop keyboard, 15-CB Laptop keyboard, 15-CC Laptop keyboard, 15-CD Laptop keyboard, 15-CK Laptop keyboard, 17-AK Laptop keyboard, 17-AR Laptop keyboard, 17-BS Laptop keyboard, 250 G6 Laptop keyboard, 255 G6 Laptop keyboard, 256 G6 Laptop keyboard Series
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